Event Smart Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance: We are performing scheduled maintenance today, March 16th, between 2pm-8pm MT (8pm-2am UTC) on the Event Smart network. These changes are in preparation for enhancements that will make Event Smart significantly faster. We anticipate only a brief outage of 10-15 minutes somewhere during the middle of that timeframe. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

4 Responses to “ Event Smart Scheduled Maintenance ”

  1. The maintenance is going well. The servers are coming back online and we continue to monitor progress.

  2. The email system is still down for scheduled maintenance. We are actively working to get it back up. Your emails are not lost, they will be processed when the email service comes back online.

  3. We have found what is causing the email delay and are preparing a patch. Emails should resume within the hour.

  4. Email delivery has resumed. We are continuing to monitor systems.

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