Problems with Event Espresso servers

One of our database servers had emergency work done on it by our upstream provider and has not yet been resolved.  We are working to get that back up.  While underway performance of our website is intermittent.

While this emergency work is being done the following actions will not be possible on our website:

  • logging in
  • posting to the forums
  • purchases

There may be other issues as well.  We are working hard on trying to get things back up as quickly as possible.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

5 Responses to “ Problems with Event Espresso servers ”

  1. We’re still waiting on our upstream provider to fix the issues reported in the original update. We’re in the dark as to the exact causes of the issue, as soon as we know we’ll post more information.

  2. Digital Ocean is not being responsive enough so we’re going work an alternative solution.

  3. The website will be down for 15 minutes.

  4. is coming back up. We are testing now.

  5. Please report any issues you experience on to us via our contact page.

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